Fashion forward little four eyes

AmblyopiaKids had a fun post last month about some fabulous shirts she’d found that feature glasses.  It seems like glasses are becoming more and more trendy – at least when they’re featured on characters on t-shirts.

Stella, in her shirt featuring a skull with a heart eye patch. From

Then yesterday, Amber wrote a great post on her blog about her daughter, the little fashion visionary, Stella, and the shirts they’ve found celebrating her eyewear – both glasses and patches.  She also noted that JCrew has a pair of glasses frames for girls listed for sale on their site.  It’s unclear from the site whether or not the frames are meant to be fit with prescription lenses, or used as purely cosmetic accessories.   I have to say, if they aren’t meant for prescription lenses, I would have a hard time justifying spending the money on the frames.  After going through so many struggles just getting Zoe to wear her glasses in the beginning, it just seems crazy to me to pay money to go through that and not get the benefit of better vision.  On the other hand, it certainly says something about how glasses are viewed if they’re offered as purely fashion accessories now.

Anyone else find any interesting glasses-related kids fashions?

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  1. I seriously just got back from Target where they had cute little boy shirts with glasses featured. It was made to look like the glasses were tucked in the top of a button down shirt collar and there are also pens tucked in a pocket. I of course got one for my little guy


  2. I found a really cute shirt for Emma at Old Navy….it is a tee shirt with a cat on it wearing pink glasses. Since she loves cats I knew we had to have it – and she loves it!


  3. Christy – we have that Old Navy pink glasses kitty shirt! I love that so many Tees have glasses prominently featured on them and so does my daughter.

    🙂 What a great picture of Stella in that patch shirt.


  4. I went and found the Old Navy cat tee online–so cute. Thanks for the tip!

    I also emailed J.Crew about their kids glasses. They can be used as prescription glasses–but they only come in one size! Maybe it is less important to have a precise fit when you’re dealing with slight nearsightedness, not sure, but I don’t think I could buy them unless they just so happened to be a perfect fit for Stella!


  5. Not quite the same, but in this week’s (Sept 5 to 11) Target ad on page 5, the baby “model” shown is wearing glasses. So cute!


  6. Oh, and the American Girl Doll catalog came out this week with a HUGE cover feature of a doll in glasses and at least 5 little girls and dolls in the ad (maybe even more!) REALLY cute and REALLY $$$


    • We got the American Girl Doll catalog too…..I was so pleased to see so many dolls and kids wearing glasses throughout the catalog. And you’re right – they all looked SO cute!!!


  7. Toys ‘R’ Us has new “You & Me Friends” dolls and one of them has glasses! It is perfect for my 1 year old daughter who just started wearing glasses.


  8. All of this is great! I kind of wish we had a page dedicated to linking to (or displaying photos/scans of) glasses-positive products and advertising/catalogs…


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