injuries from glasses

Jack’s injuries from his fall on his glasses.

Carolyn sent in a story about her son, Jack, who is 2 1/2 and wears Miraflex glasses for farsightedness.  He had been playing with his little sister, when he fell off his bed in just the right way that his lens popped out and pushed under his eyebrow.  The resulting cut from the lens required 6 stitches to close up.  As Carolyn wrote, they’re very thankful for the Miraflex glasses, as other frames could have broken and made the injury even worse.

Ann Felicia also wrote about her son getting a cut on his face from his glasses a couple of years ago.

This is definitely something to keep in mind when you’re looking for glasses for your child.  Think about how the frames and the lenses will handle falls or accidents.  The lens material is extremely important, and for this reason, polycarbonate is generally recommended for children since it is very hard and shatter proof.

picture of young boy in prescription sports goggles

Bennett in his prescription sports goggles from

Another thing to consider is sports goggles, especially if your child is participating in sports that are rough or could cause injuries to their eyes.  Accidents will happen, and we can’t always prepare for everything, but given how much we’re trying to take care of their vision, it makes sense to also be sure we’re protecting them from injuries.

8 responses to “injuries from glasses

  1. Great timing… We just had our first MAJOR glasses injury which has resulted in a purple nose and glass prints under her eyes. She is a wreck, but the glasses just rebent and retaped back together. Guess it is a good thing we are still waiting for our replacements!


  2. AH! So sorry to hear that about Elly!!!

    Side note: I’ve heard that Trivex Aspheric is extremely shatterproof, comparable to polycarbonate in terms of impact resistance, but provides clearer vision for the wearer. Do you know if the polycarbonate is superior to Trivex Aspheric in terms of safety? I know both are recommended for children.


  3. Oh, yikes, we’ve never had an injury warranting stitches. 😦 I hope all the kids mend quickly from their ouchies.

    We got the sports goggles initially for an adaptive PE class and therapeutic horseback riding but they are fantastic for playground play or anytime I know Bennett will be running around. Sometimes when he’s wrestling with his big brother I make him put them on, too. 🙂 He doesn’t mind at all, he calls them his super hero glasses and insisted on wearing them everywhere when we first got them.


  4. oh boy 😦 I’m so sorry, little Jack and mommy, that looks so painful!

    We have BTDT with glasses injuries. My daughter’s current Menizzi frames have been the worst for that. (She is going on 7 and has had glasses since 20 months old)

    It’s not the lenses we have had trouble with, (we always get the polycarbonate) but the corners of the frames. We are getting something a lot more lightweight this time and possibly a pair of sports glasses too. My daughter is a dancer and plays soccer; I suspect we may be playing soccer for many years judging .

    Her objection to sports glasses is that they are not “pretty.” She says she’d wear them on the soccer field, but not to dance. She did get some scratches on her face from the frames when she fell in tap class last year.

    There is a boy in her grade at school who wears sports glasses all the time. they look awesome on him. I think if they came in pink glitter or lavender, I’d have an easier time talking my daughter into them! 😉 If anyone has suggestions for the “prettiest” brand of sports glasses, please let me know, we’ll be getting new RX today and purchasing new glasses within the next week or so! 🙂


  5. Yes accident such as those happened especially for kids who move a lot… and it is very important to explain to them the danger of wearing eyeglasses to make them realize the danger. At a very young age, I think so how they will realize and take extra careful if they are aware. My daughter takes off her eyeglasses every time she plays.


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