Patch Stash

As a self-proclaimed expert patching parent, I have decided to assess the patches in our stash and share with you the ones that we are no longer using. The first 2 up for grabs are for patching either eye.  The lime green has sparkles and is made of felt (fit great when she was 2 and 3), the stripped on is made of a softer non scratchy fabric (it is a little too big and not girly enough for a 4 year old girl with oval glasses).  The next 2 are for  the left eye and are both made of felt (my daughter didn’t like them as much and said they are scratchy)  The pink one is for a smaller child (maybe 1 or 2) and the purple would be more for a 3 /4 girl.  All 4 are very similar in size, my pictures don’t really show you that well.   I also have multiple Ortopad sticky patches for girls (under 3 years old).   All these patches described are already in individual envelopes waiting for a name and an adress to be sent to.  Please only ask for 1!  (ajre (without the space)) I will update the post as the patches are spoken for.  Sorry only US residents and there is no guarantee that the postal system will safely deliver them to you =)

5 responses to “Patch Stash

  1. Hi Amanda. Wow what a collection you have. You certainly are a patching expert that is for sure. We are still plodding away with the patching! As you have tried every patch imaginable, I was wondering if in your opinion the orthopad or sticky patches are better than others? We are using the anissa’s patch, which I love but I still think Paris moves her head sometimes to see though the tiny tiny gap at the nose piece. I am so worried of putting all the effort in and then if she is peeking there is no point! She hates the sticky ones but maybe that is what we have to do? Your thoughts? Thanks. Ingrid 🙂 We even use the framehuggers strap with the anissas patch to make sure it is kept close to the face but still…..


  2. I am glad you like our collection (not even all patches are pictured!) I love being able to say, “It’s patch time – you choose which patch you want to wear!” If allows Elliana to have some power and control over the patching process. I have asked out PO about the effect of a slight amount of light in and they were by no means worried at all. The Otopad and MYI are the best in my opinion of blocking all light. BUT,if our kids refuse to wear them, which mine does, then the fabric/foam ones are necessary. We patch from 6 hours to 12 hours a day, every day for a long time. I think it becomes a problem when they are visiably peeking. Please ask your PO what their opinion is. We alternate equally between Anissa’s, Framehuggers, and home-made ones. Our patching is successful at improving her vision in her right eye – unfortunatly we are dealing with more issues than just vision.


  3. Thanks so much for that Amanda. It is great to give children some power over the patch, I agree totally. Paris seems to really like anissas patch and it sems to provide the best occlusion. I will ask the PO next time. I can understand how some children will not wear the sticky ones. I have tried them and I hate the feeling of having my eye stuck closed! I am so glad to hear the patching has been successful. When you say other issues Amanda, do you mean the strabismus? It is very very challenging – I totally sympathise with you. I wish you the very best of luck with the next step in your journey and please keep us posted on Ellie’s success xx


  4. The purple one and the Otopad are on their way to a knew home. The green, stipped, and pink one are still looking for their “forever pair of glasses” =0


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