meet ups?

There was a post on the Little Four Eyes facebook group asking if anyone in the north Los Angeles area would be interested in having a get together.  She’s asked that people message her privately on facebook if they’re interested.

I would be happy to try to help facilitate communication for other get togethers if people are interested.  You’re welcome to comment here to see if there’s anyone in the area, or to propose a local park or other place to try to meet.  Or I can pass along email addresses so people can plan things that way, too.  I’ve really enjoyed meeting Amomofelly – and of course, Elly, herself – in person.

5 responses to “meet ups?

  1. I’ll note that I’d love to meet up with any Twin Cities families at some point, but with baby #2 due in a month, I’m not in a position to plan much of anything. Still, if you’re in the area and interested, email me ( or leave a comment and we’ll see what we can set up.


    • We live in the cities and my 2-yr-old loves to see other kids in glasses. But, like yourself, we’re a little busy with a newborn at the moment. 🙂


  2. Hi My name is Brianne and my daughter Ella (and myself) was born with congenital cataracts. She is now almost 1 year old. We live near Mankato Mn and would love to meet up with other youngsters who have this condition. We live equidistant to the cities and rochester, MN. Also I have a sister with a son with the same condition who would also love a chance to have a meet up who lives near the cities. If anyone lives near us in the Minnesota/Wisconsin area and would like to meet or just chat let me know!


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