Responses you’ve liked

Today we stopped by the butcher shop to pick up something for dinner.  The women working the counter were complimenting Zoe on her glasses when one of them told us to hang on a minute, and ran into the back.  She came back out carrying a photograph of twin girls, maybe 4 years old, in glasses.  One was in bright yellow frames, and the other in pale blue.  “These are my nieces,” she told Zoe, “and look you three could be triplets!”  And indeed, Zoe did look like she could be a sister to those two.  And Zoe lit up when looking at the picture.  It was awfully sweet and touching.

We’ve had plenty of discussions of some of the insensitive, and even downright rude, reactions that people have to young kids in glasses.  Whether it’s questioning whether the glasses are real, questioning whether we’re hurting our child by putting them in glasses, or just pointing and laughing, it can wear on a person.  But what are some of the sweet or kind responses you’ve gotten?  Ones that made you or your child genuinely smile.

3 responses to “Responses you’ve liked

  1. We haven’t noticed any negative feedback or reactions so far, just tons and tons of compliments on her glasses. People just love them. Today, a little girl on the playground (6 or 7 years old) said, about Stella, “Hey look! That little girl has glasses. They’re really cute! And she’s holding up a leaf as big as she is!”


  2. I wish I get that response everytime I met with people here in my country.
    Well, I can tell that everyone in my country will give negative feedback to my Aishah, I really hate that. Most people will say “HAH! young and already wearing glasses?, some even say..”See you like to watch TV so close that why you have bad eyes” OMG..I just can’t stand with those who doesn’t understand at all. They are just rude and I always ignoring them. But if my husband heard if they talked about my daughter, He will look at the person, with his big eyes and saying nothing..hahahaa..they will stop looking at her and keep their mouth shut. But our Bed & Breakfast guests which mostly from Netherlands, they always give compliment to my daughter, “wow..what a beautiful eyes you have”..”nice glasses”..see how different Asian people with western people..I always tell Aishah that those people who saying she is not beautiful wearing glasses are those who can’t see clearly and they need to wear glasses too..


  3. wana, i’m so sorry! the ignorance and insensitivity you face! that sounds so crazy to me. your child is so lucky to have parents who know what is best, and boost her confidence with such wonderful support!


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