Monday round up of links – November 8, 2010

I’ve run across quite a few mentions of children’s vision online recently, so it’s clearly time for another round up of links:

  • Girl’s life saved due to facebook photo – A post on Bright Eyes News about how a person on facebook notices something wrong with a girl’s eyes when her parent posts a photo of her.
  • Children really do see things differently – an article on a study of how children perceive objects.  This doesn’t have anything to do with vision problems per se, but it’s interesting to note how children’s vision develops.
  • What’s new in children’s eyeglasses – a page on All About Vision that collects news on children’s glasses frames, particularly in terms of fashions.
  • Children’s Eye Foundation’s calendar photo contest follow up – the “I Care for Eye Care” calendar photo contest is done, winners have been chosen and the calendar is available for download.  Three of the photos submitted by Little Four Eyes readers are featured in the calendar (Big Sister Love, Like Dad like Daughter, and Brotherly Love).  Congratulations!
  • Children’s Eye Foundation’s “See by Three” programthe Children’s Eye Foundation has received a grant to launch a national “See by Three” program, starting in Fort Worth.  The most interesting – and really quite concerning – point in the linked article for me was the fact that they’d found that when a pediatrician told a parent that their child had a vision problem, the parents followed up with an eye doctor only about half the time.  There’s a lot of work to do in terms of awareness of how important it is to treat vision issues.

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