Too sweet: Handmade dolls with patches and glasses!

Super cuteness by warmsugar, and more proof that glasses make a fabulous accessory.

It’s safe to say that we all love seeing toys, books, and clothes that feature glasses or patches in a positive, adorable light. So I couldn’t wait to share a recent find with the Little Four Eyes community. Over at Etsy, in warmsugar’s shop, you can find incredibly cute and stylish soft dolls, all handmade and many featuring chic eye patches or glasses. Boy and girl dolls are available in a range of sizes and prices, from about $19 to $70 with many costing $21 or $29. During the holiday season only, warmsugar is offering custom-made dolls. That means you can specify hair style and color, skin tone, glasses or eye patch, basic clothing style preferences, etc. In essence, you could create a mini-me for your little one.

Dolls with patches are a prominent and consistent offering, and currently, some of the ready-made dolls feature glasses, too. In fact, glasses are an add-on option for all dolls. Shannon Jefferson, the wonderful creative force behind warmsugar, informed me that she even found a charming fabric depicting children wearing glasses, and has begun incorporating it into a few doll designs. How perfect is that?

I could see a warmsugar doll as a fabulous and meaningful gift to celebrate and perhaps even encourage a tad more cooperation with a first pair of glasses. Stella, whose glasses, patching and vision therapy I write about here and on my blog, will be getting one under the tree this year. Oh, and if no one writes a storybook about warmsugar’s Elsie, a love fairy with goggles, I will!

Just for the record, I have no paid affiliation with this person or shop (nor does Little Four Eyes).  I just love the dolls.

Irresistible little pirate boys from warmsugar's patch-happy collection

Enchanting fabrics + eye patches = chic little girls

Quite a pair: the dolls, the glasses, and those suede moccasins!

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