The older sibling with glasses

Zoe, Hazel (now 2 months old) and I are at the dinner table while Zoe finishes her cookie. “Pretty soon,” Zoe tells Hazel, “you might get glasses like me and mommy!” She says this as if getting glasses is like sledding or eating ice cream: something to look forward to as you grow up.

I ask Zoe if she thinks Hazel would look good in glasses. “Yeah,” Zoe replies. “then she won’t look plain like she does now.”

It’s almost enough for me to want Hazel to get glasses early like her sister. Almost.

5 responses to “The older sibling with glasses

  1. My oldest had his first pair at 16 months so when his baby brother came along, he said the same thing, “when is Matthew getting his glasses?” Well, at 11 months, Matthew had his first prescription. If anything, there is no doubt they’re brothers!
    Matthew adjusted much easier wearing his, seeing his brother.


  2. So cute! Are you planning to get her eyes checked early, or just wait to see if you see any problems? I haven’t seen any with our 3.5 month old yet, but I still made an appt to see the PO in June when our 2 year old goes in for a check up. Just to be sure.


    • I’ll probably get Hazel’s eyes checked around 9 months unless she’s showing signs of problems earlier. I’m going to ask Zoe’s PO about it at her appointment next month.


  3. So cute! My boys got their glasses at the same time, even though they are two years apart. We knew baby girl stood a good chance at getting them too, but I admit that I was really hoping that she wouldn’t need glasses. She did (and does) and is so stinking adorable in them. Love seeing your girl’s reaction to her baby sister. 🙂


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