Contests galore

I was never one to enter pictures of Zoe in to photo contests – actually, never one to enter any of my pictures at all into a photo contest, I’m not all that skilled a photographer.  But something happened when Zoe got her glasses.  I remember poring over the photos of her, first to convince myself that this was what she looked like now, but then, because I was struck by just how cute she was (I’m a proud mama, ok?), and cute in a way that was quite different from many other kids her age, mostly because of her glasses.   I remember telling Chris that I thought maybe I’d like to enter her picture in contest some time.  Shortly thereafter, the Children’s Eye Foundation had their first photo contest in 2009.

Now it seems like the contests keep coming up, I’ve already mentioned two:  The 2011 Children’s Eye Foundation I Care for Eye Care contest is still running, it runs until the end of August; and the COVD Visions of Hope video contest is accepting videos through August 10, when voting begins.

Prevent Blindness America is also running a “Most Beautiful Eyes” photo contest, though this one is open only to US residents.  You need like their facebook page to enter, they’re taking submissions through August 31, and voting begins September 1.  The winning entry receives a $25,000 scholarship.  You can enter the contest here.

I’ll continue to post links to other contests if I hear of them.  Good luck to all that enter any of these!  Leave a comment if you’re entered one of the contests.

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