Can’t we catch a break?

So my last post was no news is good news and I must have jinxed myself.  In the last couple weeks, my gut is telling me something is just not right.  I am starting to see a slight turn in when she is tired.  Am I just over analyzing the situation or are her eyes misaligned again?  So disheartned, but hoping for the best.  Trying to get in ASAP to our PO – just e-mailed them a bunch a pictures too.

4 responses to “Can’t we catch a break?

  1. So sorry to hear this but I have to say it sounds exactly like our experience and like many other parents struggling with strabismus in their kids! In our case, we seem to do really well for several months and then something changes even though we are continuing the same therapy that worked before. My non-medical explanation is that it is related to growth and that as the brain/body is growing in kids with strabismus the brain perhaps grows unevenly and has to be balanced out again with more vision treatment. We have found that increasing patching time is what we have to do to keep the balance straight. This is not supposed to change alignment from what the doctors tell us but that continues to work for us. Good luck! Please keep us posted on Elly’s progress.


  2. Thanks Anne, I was just hoping =) We haven’t been patching, so I am guessing that is the first thing they will have us do again. =( Maybe that is why my heart is so heavy. We patched full time for so long that I thought we may be in the clear. But she has grown a lot this summer. I am wondering if her eyes grew along with her legs and a new persccription is needed. Very thankful to have such amazing PO and staff in our lives.. I will keep you updated.
    Ooo- almost forgot, the way our PO explained patching IS to change the alighnment and/by strengthening the vision. Like an excersize for the eye. How did they explain it to you?


    • We were told that patching is only to preserve vision (i.e. to prevent the brain from shutting off information to the weaker eye) and has nothing to do with alignment. We were told that only glasses improve alignment. Even if it has no scientific explanation, however, we have seen that patching improves alignment in our daughter. Will be interested to hear what your doctors recommend!


  3. Hi guys,
    We were also told that patching would not do anything for alignment? I totally understand your frustrations though. I always wonder how the medical world can do such amazing things and yet getting the eyes straight and keeping them straight is just not that easy and takes so much hard work and it seems to go on an on. We have been patching for more than two years now and have had great results with the vision but the drift still bothers me! I can totally sympathise with you Amanda, having had two surgeries as well! It doesn’t seem fair. I really hope it all works out. Keep us posted.


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