International Children Who Wear Glasses Day?

So over in the Little Four Eyes facebook group, there’s been a suggestion to make a kids who wear glasses day – tentatively named “International Children Who Wear Glasses Day.”  It would be a word of mouth, unofficial day to celebrate our kids in glasses and patches, a day to raise awareness.

Some ideas for things that we could do on that day include:

  • have t-shirts for our kids (or us – or both) to wear
  • plan meet ups to meet other parents nearby who have kids in glasses
  • post pictures and stories of our kids in glasses to facebook and other sites
  • raise funds for eye exams and treatments / glasses for families that can’t afford it

We were also trying to brainstorm catchy slogans for our day …

  • “International Children Who Wear Glasses Day”
  • “Don’t make a spectacle of children who wear glasses.”
  • “Glasses – helping our children to look good and see better”
  • “Spectacular kids in spectacles”
  • Glasses – they’re not just for “looks”
  • “Children in glasses are a true vision”
  • ” Children in glasses are a beautiful sight”
  • “Little peeps’ peepers”

So…thoughts?  If there was a kids in glasses day, would you be interested in participating in some way?  What ways?  Any clever ideas for a catchy slogan?

6 responses to “International Children Who Wear Glasses Day?

  1. I just found out my soon-to-be 3 year old son, Evan, will have to wear a patch for a while and use glasses all day until around age 12 or longer. Farsightedness, starabismus, amblyopia, etc. is what we were told he has. He just got his glasses yesterday and I must say I am having a hard time adjusting emotionally, but I’m very grateful to God because it could be worse and we caught it in time. That being said, I like the idea of promoting the ‘four eyes’ term as a positive label for a change, unlike when we were kids. It will also help others become aware of this fantastic site! So how about this:
    { LITTLE FOUR EYES ~ For a Clearer, Brighter Future} – or tomorrow…either way. I like it because it enforces the importance that their vision today has an IMPACT on the rest of their lives and others. I wish I’d known of his vision problem even earlier. Blessings to all. :))


  2. I would love to be a part of this! As far as a slogan…I like them all but my favorites are: “Glasses – helping our children to look good and see better” &
    “Spectacular kids in spectacles”


  3. I think the tagline should be something like “A celebration of style and vision” or “A celebration of spec-tacular kids.”


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