Glasses rule! Glasses rules.

A special place for Zoe's glasses.

Do you have any rules for glasses at your house?  I’ve come up with a few ideas, the first one even rhymes (I can’t take credit for that one, though, I’ve heard it a lot of times):

  1. Glasses on your face, or in their case, on in the special glasses place.
  2. When putting on or taking off your glasses, use both hands.
  3. If your glasses are dirty, give them to an adult to clean.
    • As Zoe has gotten older and more responsible, she cleans her glasses herself, so the new rule is that she uses a special glasses cleaning cloth.
  4. Tell a parent if your glasses are hurting or slipping down your face.

Rules for the adults in the house:

  1. Always ask before taking Zoe’s glasses off.
  2. Use both hands to take off her glasses, or put them on.
  3. Put the glasses in their place or case when they’re off her face.  (Fun rhyme, but I’m really bad at this).

Rules for other kids

  1. The glasses are off limits for playing, stealing, hiding, etc.  No exceptions!
  2. If the glasses fall off while playing, everyone stops until they’re back on her face.

7 responses to “Glasses rule! Glasses rules.

  1. We have 2 main rules. 1. if you take your glasses off you either hand them to mom or dad, or put them on a table or shelf. 2. Never ever ever put your glasses on the floor!
    Our rule used to be that only mom or dad can put them on or take them off, but now that she’s older, we let her take them off herself, as long as she follows the above rules.


  2. I’m so glad I found your site, my 18-month old was just diagnosed with amblyopia in both eyes. Your “start here” info really helped me, I felt like such a shallow idiot when I cried after I found out Penny needs glasses, and I wear glasses! But today she was fitted for them, and I have to say, she looked absolutely adorable. With that said, I’m more concerned about how other people will react. We’re trying to raise a strong daughter who understands her value comes from within and not from what she looks like. I love your rules, that will help a lot, but I was wondering, what can I say to my mom’s group to help the transition a bit so no one makes a huge deal out of it when they see her in her glasses for the first time?


    • Could you simply ask your mom’s group not to comment on how the glasses look? Perhaps if they have to say something (and a lot of adults seem to need to say something to young kids in glasses), they could ask or comment on how those glasses must make the world look so much better, or comment on what a great job she’s doing wearing them.

      I have to say, though, be ready for a ton of comments about how cute she looks in the glasses from a lot of strangers. As you noted, her glasses look adorable on her, and people seem to feel no hesitation in commenting on that. I wish I’d had the presence of mind to have a good response, something like, “yes, we’re so happy that she’s seeing so well in the glasses,” even though people rarely asked about her vision, they just like commenting about how cute her glasses were.


      • Thank you, those are great suggestions! And I love your suggested response to strangers about how she’s seeing so well now!


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