Giveaway #2: shirts

Update: Congratulations to Dee for winning the 12 month onesie, and to Melinda who won the 24 month shirt!

First off, congratulations to the winners of the first giveaway: Heather won the Glasses Parade card, and Andrea won the Glasses Rock card!

For the next giveaway, I have two  shirts.  Both have the text “Everyone can rock glasses!”   The first is a grey, 24 month t-shirt with a bird playing guitar:

The second is a grey, 12 month onesie, with a cat playing drums:

To enter this giveaway, leave a comment with the shirt you’d like to win, and your favorite comment you’ve received from a stranger about your child’s glasses.  Or if you don’t have a favorite comment, what would you like to hear?

I’ll use a random number generator to draw winners for the shirts on Tuesday, April 3

14 responses to “Giveaway #2: shirts

  1. I would love to win the 12 month onesie!

    The best comment I’ve heard is from a lady that wore glasses when she was little and said to us, “I wish I had glasses like that and looked that cute when I was young!” It was so sweet!


  2. I would love the 24 month t shirt ! My favourite comment that we got about Lilas glasses was by her 90 something great aunt who saw a pic I sent via email

    “she looks just like a tiny librarian only much cuter!”


  3. 24 month tshirt for my 18 month old.
    Everywhere we go people stop us to tell us
    How cute he is and then ask how we keep
    His glasses on. We always tell them it’s no
    Problem – he loves his glasses!


  4. Would love the 24 month size. My favorite are the comments where people tell my son how adorable he is in his glasses. He loves to hear it!


  5. We would love the 24 month T-shirt!
    We hear how his blue glasses really bring out his beautiful blue eyes! :0)


  6. Madeline would love the onesie! The favorite and most common comment we get is “she looks like a little doll in those glasses.” So sweet 🙂


  7. With my son sitting on my lap (wearing his glasses) a woman says (sitting across from us) “Are those real glasses?” Yes. She continues with for him? ummm duh, he’s wearing them. Pretty funny moment for us.

    12 month onesie, with a cat playing drums


  8. A father whose child goes to my sons’ school: “Charlotte, you’ve always been a very pretty baby but now you’re beautiful!” I still smile when I think of that comment.

    Charlotte would definitely rock the 24 month tee.


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