Giveaway: Happy new glasses cards!

And here’s the promised giveaway, today it’s for two of the new glasses cards.

Glasses rock card

The first card features a stylish cat rocking out on the guitar with the words “Glasses Rock!”  The inside message reads, “…and you’re rocking your glasses!”   The card is 5″x7″ (12.7 cm x 17.8 cm).

glasses parade card

The second card is a parade of two children and a bunny, all wearing glasses.  The inside message reads, “Happy new glasses day!”  This card is smaller, 5.6″ x 4″ (14.2 cm x 10.2 cm).

(Both cards are available in both sizes from the store).

So, if you’d like a chance to win either of the cards, leave a comment here, how about, with your favorite color of glasses frames for kids, and include which card you hope to win.  I’ll do two drawings on Saturday, March 31, one for each of the cards.

7 responses to “Giveaway: Happy new glasses cards!

  1. My 4 year old daughter, Maddie, has nystagmus. She got her first pair of glasses when she was 2. They are blue frames with ladybugs, dragon flies & other bugs on them. Her favorite color is blue, Duke blue, not Carolina blue (we live in ACC basketball country). Every year when she gets new glasses, they are the same…Duke blue with bugs. She refuses to branch out & get something new. I’m happy with whatever she chooses (just as long as they aren’t Carolina blue)!

    I love the glasses parade card!


  2. They are both cute, but I really love the ‘glasses parade’ card!

    My son picked out the color for his frames, blue, and I have to admit he made a very good choice. They look wonderful on him. So we’ll be sticking with blue for awhile!


  3. My little guy Denton got his first pair at 10 months and is now 13 months, so our first of many to come. I chose wire frames for him. We wanted his face to be seen first, then his glasses.
    The parade card is darling!


  4. My daughter’s plum Miraflex glasses never fail to get a response. “OOOO purple glasses! So cute!” 🙂 I think she’d love the glasses rock card with the cat.


  5. My fav glasses are my daughters Miraflex new baby one frames in burgundy pearl! They are more of a hot pink and match so many of her clothes! I like the parade pic.


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