Little Four Eyes store: happy new glasses cards, t-shirts, and stickers

One of the cards for new glasses. The flag reads "Hooray for glasses!", the inside reads "Happy new glasses day!"

I’m pretty excited to let everyone know that I’ve started a Zazzle store with some Little Four Eyes items.  I asked Meagan Nishi, the artist behind a lot of our coloring pages, to create some images for new glasses cards, t-shirts, and stickers.  At the moment, there are 3 designs for cards, 2 designs for shirts, and 3 designs for stickers.

Take a look!

I’m especially excited about the cards, since I think they could be a fun way to celebrate a child getting their first pair of glasses (or even a new pair of glasses).

I ordered a few of the items to make sure that the quality was good, so I have a few pieces to give away: 2 new glasses cards, and 2 shirts (a 24 month t-shirt and a 12 month onesie).  I’ll post those giveaways separately over the next few days.

I’ve added a link to the store to the Gear page.

A sheet of 20 stickers. The text inside the drums reads "Everyone can rock glasses!"

2 responses to “Little Four Eyes store: happy new glasses cards, t-shirts, and stickers

  1. Hey, Ann! Congratulations and thanks for making this happen. I love the positive energy and cuteness of the shirts. And I am particularly smitten with the cards, because we celebrate “new glasses day” with each pair that Stella gets and it involves much proper celebration, and ice cream. So this card is just perfect. It’s just such a feel-good thing. Great work!


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