Reader request: survey on eye patching and books

Janine has asked me to post a survey about eye patching, she writes:

I am the mother of a little boy who is having difficulty accepting his glasses after 4 months. We have now started to patch and this has just added to his, and his Mummy’s and Daddy’s, frustration. Added to the worries and questions that we have about about his sight are those regarding what people see when they look at him and how he will feel about himself as he gets older (I won’t elaborate as I know that each of you have asked yourself the same questions at some point in your journey).

And so I decided to write a book for my little boy that celebrates all that he is. I think it’s pretty good and plan to submit it to a publisher, but need to do a bit of research first. Please help me to get started by filling out this quick survey.
Your time and effort is greatly appreciated.

Click here to take the survey

(Ann Z here), I wanted to note that while there are a lot of books about glasses, there are very few that talk about patching – we only have 4 on our list.  As a librarian, I think having more books for our kids is a fantastic thing.

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