Children’s Eye Foundation photo contest

Children’s Eye Foundation’s 2012 Visions of Home calendar (click to see a pdf of the full calendar)

Update #2: There have been some technical issues with voting.  Any computer will be able to vote for a photo only once (not once a day, just once).  This means that parents who have entered their child can’t bug friends and family to vote for their picture more than once.

If you haven’t already, please take a moment to look through the photos here and the photos on the site and vote for any that make you smile!

Update: Check out the photos below that have been submitted by readers.  Click on any picture to be taken to the page to vote – please take a moment to vote for them or any other photos you like if you have a chance.  And please leave a comment to let me know if you’ve also entered a picture so I can add it to the list!  Scroll down for details about the contest and how to enter

Star Bright

Sweet Lily

Happy to see

Twins in glasses

IOLs+Bifocals = Amazing Peepers

The bravest girl we know … Lila


Little Cutie

This is my beautiful

surfer dude


It is once again time for the annual Children’s Eye Foundation’s photo contest.  The photo contest is run each year to choose pictures for the foundation’s Eye Care for Eye Care calendar.  Take a look at last year’s calendar, it’s a beautiful calendar, with a number of Little Four Eyes readers’ children included.

This year’s theme is “Jeepers, Creepers…Amazing Peepers.”  The top ten vote-getting photos will win a digital camera.  A panel of judges will also choose 12 photos from the submissions to use in the 2013 calendar.

The contest is open to anyone.  You can submit a photo on the Children’s Eye Foundation site, and see the full terms and conditions.  The contest is open until September 27, 2012.

If you do submit a photo, would you let me know by leaving a comment?  I’ll start a post listing the photos that have been submitted by the community so that others can vote for them if they’d like.

29 responses to “Children’s Eye Foundation photo contest

  1. Hi!
    I am a fourth year optometry student, and I found this contest through the office I am completing my spring clinical rotation at (

    I took a picture of a little girl from my church in Connecticut, and have decided to submit it to the contest! I hope you all vote for it! Don’t worry, if I win, I’m going to give the family the digital camera.

    So vote for “Sweet Lily.” I named it that because, well, her name is Lily, and her overalls say Sweet written on the front. How perfect! 🙂


  2. I tried entering my photo a few days ago and got an error about my thumbnail not being able to be displayed 😦 I just tried again and got the same error. Don’t know what the problem is….


  3. Hi Ann – I figured out my issue and my photo is up! It’s called IOLs plus bifocals equals Amazing Peepers. Is the new Pinktastic photo yours?


  4. Posted one of my little man rocking his new glasses, he really has a whole new world to explore at 10 months old! It’s called little cutie.


  5. Hi, I submitted the “Pinkatastic” photo of my sweet Lilly (3 years old). Love all the other photos of all those cutie-pies!


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  7. HI Ann, I submitted Lila’s photo today ! I titled hers “the bravest little girl we know… Lila ” 🙂 Thanks so much !!!


  8. hi again, I just can’t figure out how to go in to the site and view the photos that are in the contest??? Any help would be appreciated ! 🙂


  9. Is anyone else having problems with the voting? It seems to “erase” the vote after you leave the page when voting for my son “Happy to See” on the 6th page. I did vote for “little Cutie” and it seemed to have saved my vote. Everytime my family votes, its not counting the vote. I have contacted the Children’s eye foundation, first he said he fixed the problem, I told him it wasn’t fixed on my end, and that was over a week ago. Just wondering if its just my sons photo. thanks 🙂


    • I thought it was just MY son! It’s happening to me, too. I haven’t had a chance to contact Children’s Eye Foundation yet. Plus I thought maybe it was that we were voting too soon because I remember reading something about votes cast by the same computer within the same 24 hour period wouldn’t count??

      Please let us know what you find out/if/when the situation is corrected.



      • Thanks Sheri! The funny this is, I usually try at work, and that is where I have the problem. The last 2 nights I voted at home and it seemed to work.?? At my office, it just deletes the vote. I am using Firefox at both though? I’ll let you know if I ever find out anything. And your son is one of my favorites!!


        • Thanks Mandy! I’m going to have to go look for your little “Happy to See” guy now 🙂 I also contacted Children’s Eye Foundation but have heard nothing back…I’ll let YOU know if I do!


  10. I love this:) I just uploaded my daughters picture….title “this is my beautiful”. Thanks for your blog:) Love it!


    • Ok, this whole voting this is frustrating. As soon as I vote for my son it registers the vote, but it erases it as soon as I exit out. I havent been able to vote for him for over a month! They won’t respond to my emails. Julie- Your little girl is so beautiful! I voted for her just now, and it took. Crazy huh? Would someone please vote for “Happy to see” page 11 I think, exit out, come back & see if the vote count is still the same? It is at 62 now. (has been forever!) dont know why I cant vote for my own kid? Oh well. So many cuties on there!!


      • Mandy, that’s very frustrating, and it’s happening to me, too when I vote for your son, or for any other picture I’ve voted for, even if I voted for it days ago. I’ll contact them and let them know, too.


  11. Sorry for all of the voting issues on the website. We’re working with our web guy and will hopefully have it taken care of early next week. I apologize for the issues and I’ll be back in touch once it’s fixed.


    • Still waiting on the voting to be fixed. It has been MONTHS since I or any of my friends or family have been able to vote. This contest is not fair by any means.


      • Mandy, thanks for your note. I, too, am frustrated by the contest this year. After much effort by our web developer, it doesn’t look like we will be able to get the votes to behave as we wanted. The good news is that the voting mechanism is behaving the same for everyone, so fairness is not an issue. Every computer (specifically, every IP address) gets one vote, it’s that simple. Let me know if you have questions or if I can clarify anything.


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