link round up – taking photos, patching kits, and the Great Glasses Play Day

I thought I’d do a quick link round-up, since it seems like there’s a whole lot going on right now:

  • Celebrate the Great Glasses Play Day with me on Sunday! – I know I’ve been talking about it a lot, and the day is nearly here!  Check out the list of all the different ways to celebrate.  Everyone who celebrates (and lets us know they’re celebrating) will be entered in a giveaway for some great giveaways!
  • Tips for photographing people in glasses – what I love about this article is that the author, Jodi, is a photographer, but also the mother of a child in glasses.  Her tips are practical and very helpful.
  • Tips for choosing glasses for your child – the picture on this page drives me crazy, since the boy is wearing adult frames, which obviously don’t fit him, but I thought this was a great list of tips to think about when choosing color, shape, and fit of glasses for your child.
  • Patching kits – the Children’s Eye Foundation has put together patching kits.  They contain 30 patches, 10 each from 3 different companies (Ortopad, Nexcare, and Krafty) so you can try different types before you commit to buying a full set.  Let me just say how fantastic this is – from reading the comments here and on facebook, it’s clear that different kids do better with different brands, and what a great way to find out which ones work best for your child.  The kits also come with coloring pages, a calendar with stickers to track your child’s patching progress, and pages of tips and tricks.  The kits are $15 in the US.  They will ship internationally, but shipping will cost more.  If you don’t want to buy the kits, the coloring pages, calendar, and page of tips and tricks are available for download for free (scroll to the bottom of this page to download).
  • Ohio Amblyope Registry – this is a program for Ohio residents that provides free patches and free information for families of children with amblyopia.  They also have some good information about amblyopia and its treatment up on their website.

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