In thanks

Those of us in the US are preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving later this week, a day to eat turkey (or tofurkey or whatever) with family and friends and to think about what we’re thankful for.  We often complain about the rude comments or stares from strangers, but in the spirit of giving thanks, I’d love to know what comments you’ve gotten about your child’s glasses that really made you – and your child – smile.

And, a few links on a Thanksgiving theme:

  • First, did you know turkeys have excellent eye sight? I did not, but they do.  They may see three times more clearly than we do, and have excellent peripheral vision.  They don’t have stereovision, though.  Now I know.
  • There’s a new website about children’s vision development and eye conditions: Kids’ Eyes Online was created by an Orthoptist to provide information for parents about children’s eye conditions.  The articles have a lot of great information.  I’m always thankful for well-written information on these topics!
  • ORBIS International has a lovely video of a young brother and sister in El Salvador who both had cataracts.  They were treated by the ORBIS Flying Hospital 2012 program:

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  I’m so thankful for Zoe’s continued good vision, for the support from all of you, and for good warranties on glasses.

One response to “In thanks

  1. I suppose I could answer my own question… I remember shortly after Zoe got her glasses, we were all out for lunch when an older couple came up to us and told us that their daughter needed glasses at a very early age, and they just wanted to let us know how great we were doing, and how much cuter glasses are today than what they had to choose from. It was really sweet. I was still unsure of the glasses thing, and it really helped to know that others had been through it.


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