Speaking of patch pictures – #camopatchkids Sundays!!

I just learned of another great way of sharing pictures of kids patching!  Amanda told me that some of the iMoms (moms who blog about their children’s vision journeys) have been sharing pictures of their kids through Instagram (an app for your phone that lets you share pictures with friends).  They’ve started a tradition on Sundays of sharing pictures of their kids wearing camouflage patches.  They’ve tagged the pictures #camopatchkids.  As Amanda wrote, ” it’s fun for us parents, gives us something to look forward to with patching  (which is rare, ha).   And lately I have been able to share the pics with my 2 year old son, who can see other kids with a camo patch on, on the same day he is wearing one too!”

#Camopatchkids on Instagram

#Camopatchkids on Instagram

If you’re on Instagram and have a child who patches, please feel free to join in on Sundays!

And don’t forget to enter our patching giveaway!

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