Happy April 1! While the study and the “cuteness experts” may be made up, I fully believe in the findings:

  1. While glasses do not cause children to be cute, they also do not diminish their cuteness.
  2. Any parent with a cute child (which is to say, any parent) should make sure their child’s vision is checked early on.
  3. Parents who learn that their child needs glasses should follow the recommendations of an eye care provider, and should not worry that the glasses will lower their child’s cuteness in any way.

The Great Glasses Play Day!

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – April 1, 2013.  Researchers at Little Four Eyes have recently demonstrated that there exists a strong link between children who wear glasses and cuteness.

The study is the first of its kind to look for links between kids in glasses and their levels of cute.  Cuteness experts analyzed the 167 photos in the Little Four Eyes photo gallery, and independently rated the adorableness of each child.  “What we found astounded us,” noted the lead investigator of the study.

 “We went in to this study expecting to see some relationship between these two factors, but the degree to which the two factors correlated was off the charts.  Every single photo in that set has been independently verified as representing a cute child,” she continued.  “That’s a perfect correlation!  We can say with great certainty that all children wearing glasses are cute.”

Of course, correlation is not causation.  “It…

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