Just had to share this wonderful post about a play date that happened this past weekend to celebrate our 5 year blog-birthday. Be prepared for some pretty crazy cuteness – and check out the cake! Did anyone else get together? We got together with another family (need to get pics uploaded) and had a great time. – Ann Z

Its a pirate life for me

This month we celebrated 5 years of little 4 eyes with a play date! We had a BLAST! We met up at a local pizza and play date place and enjoyed watching our kids play together and eat cake!

Be prepared for a picture overload! We had so much fun!

l4e 3We were so happy to have 4 of us show up and the kids are all pretty close in age too! I can’t believe almost all the kids are looking at the camera! Holy cow thats amazing!

l4e group

all table

All of these kids are amazing and have been through so much! They teach us new things every day.

Here is my son scott, he was born with a congenital cataract. He wears a contact and glasses and is almost a year old.

l4e scott2

l4e scott

This is Eli, he was born with bilateral congenital cataracts. He wears glasses but will soon be switching back to…

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