Follow-up to the study on using a cartoon to help children who need to patch

Back in September, I wrote about a study out of the Netherlands that found that children were much more likely to comply with patching if they were given a cartoon that explained amblyopia and the need for patching using simple pictures.  I did some searching online, but was unable to find a copy of the cartoon.  But our intrepid contributor GeorgeB did some investigating of his own, and contacted the researchers to find out more.

They graciously gave us permission to share a few more details of their project, including some pictures of the cartoon in question.  They also said that they’re exploring ways to  distribute an English version of the cartoon and leaflet for parents.  If George or I learn more, we’ll definitely share it.

Until then, click the image below to read more about the materials that they made available for the kids and their parents to help with patching.  I love that the cartoon is intentionally black and white, so that kids can color it however they choose.

Click to see images and read more about the

Click to read more about the cartoon, the sticker calendar and the leaflet for parents used in the study.

Many, many thanks to GeorgeB for his work on tracking this down, and to Louise Hoppel for getting the permissions of the researchers artist, and for sending us the information!

5 responses to “Follow-up to the study on using a cartoon to help children who need to patch

  1. Would love a copy. We start patching in a couple of weeks when eye heals from surgery. Holly Anderson



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