Book Review: The Princess who wore glasses, by Laura Hertzfeld Katz

For kids in glasses who love princesses, there’s a new princess book to check out.  Princess Liana is the heroine of the book The Princess Who Wore Glasses written by Laura Hertzfeld Katz and lavishly illustrated by Jacob Duncan.

The story follows Liana as she explores the natural wonders of her kingdom with her parents.  But it’s soon apparent that while she loves to look at the world, she isn’t seeing all that she can see.

Mommy,” asked Liana, ‘why are the trees singing?”

“Don’t you see the beautiful red, yellow and blue birds singing their happy songs up in the trees, Liana?: asked Queen Victoria.

“No, Mommy.  Where?  I want to see them!” the princess exclaimed.

She has a similar experience when her father takes her out one evening to see the moon and stars, but all she sees is a blur.  Her parents quickly take her to the court magician, who produces a magic pair of the most beautiful pair of glasses Liana can imagine.  And then, even more wonderfully, she is able to see all the details of the birds, gardens, and night sky.  When she wears her glasses to school, she’s amazed at all the new things she sees about her friends, and her friends demand to hear how she describes them.

This is a very positive book about glasses.  I’m always happy to find books that don’t dwell on negative reactions or experiences with glasses (there are plenty of books that talk about dealing with the negatives of glasses, but books that are fully positive are much rarer).  Laura Hertzfeld Katz really captures the magic of seeing clearly for the first time that some of us have observed when our children get their first pair of glasses.  Jacob Duncan’s illustrations are very detailed and lush, which fits well with a story that focuses on seeing details in our world.   The end of the book has discussion questions for kids who wear glasses, hints for parents, and a certificate for a “Princess who wears glasses.”

The nature-loving Princess Liana joins adventurous Princess Annie and stylish Princess Peepers in the royal court of bespectacled princesses, giving our kids who love reading about royalty a growing selection of books to choose from!

2 responses to “Book Review: The Princess who wore glasses, by Laura Hertzfeld Katz

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  2. The original work about the gracious Princess, her royal parents, and the adventures leading to the eye test :
    “Princess Klarasses in glasses” by Docia Zefirek.
    A wonderful poem for children with colorful
    Available onl Barnes and Noble and others


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