Princess Peeps package giveaway from Peeps Eyewear and Eye Power Kid’s Wear

peeps close up

Zoe in her Peeps glasses

Peeps Eyewear was created by Kristin Ellsworth in response to her young daughter saying she didn’t want to wear glasses because “princesses don’t wear glasses.”  She designed fun and durable glasses for kids aged 2 – 7, and wrote a book to go along with it, “Princesses wear glasses.”  You can customize the book with your child’s name and hair color.  The best part about the book, for me, is that the Princess is adventurous and does the rescuing herself (here’s my review of the book). Zoe loves the book, and loved her Peeps glasses, too.

Kristin also co-founded the Great Glasses Play Day with me.

And now Eye Power Kid’s Wear has teamed up with her to create a “Princess to the rescue” t-shirt with Princess Peeps.


To celebrate, they’re doing a seriously fantastic giveaway over at Eye Power Kid’s Wear:

  • A pair of Peeps glasses (with prescription)
  • A Princess to the Rescue t-shirt
  • A Princesses Wear Glasses book
  • A Princess Crown

The giveaway closes in 3 days.  Check it out!


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