Open letters

There have been a lot of open letters posted recently in the kids in glasses community.  I’ve had so much fun reading them, I wanted to put together a list of the ones I know of, and I wanted to put forth an invitation to all of you to write your own.

Most of the letters have been written to the often-maligned eye patch:

  • eyepatch apology2Melissa wrote an apology to her son’s eye patch:

    “I really hated you the first time I saw you. Actually, if I am being honest, I not only hated you, I resented, despised, loathed and cussed you.
    . . .
    “Through all of my crazy range of emotions, you remained a stable presence in our lives. You have changed colors and designs. You smell a little differently at times and sometimes you are a little stickier, which I appreciate, especially in the summer months.”
    . . .

  • Missy wrote her own letter to an eye patch:

    “I despise what you do to our mornings. “A” dreads getting out of his bed because of you. He will lay there awake and tell me to go away when I check on him to avoid contact with you. We are inserting a cuddle session sans you in the mornings to avoid this.
    . . .
    “I appreciate that you have given my child not only usable vision in a previously blind eye, but much better than the doctor’s expectation. I think that I have decided that because of this fact alone, I partially love you.”
    . . .

  • And Amanda wrote a letter, too:

    “you are on my son’s face
    for most of the day
    for nearly the next
    his entire childhood
    I would be the fool
    to not accept that
    to not capture him
    his life
    let’s be clear
    I’m not photographing you
    I am remembering HIM”
    . . .

But it’s not just the patches that are receiving letters, some have been written to people as well:

  • Lindsay wrote a letter to her baby girl about her older brother’s journey with cataracts:

    “You’ve never known your brother without glasses. Now that you’re grabbing things, they’re one of your favorite things to grab when he comes in for one of his many kisses a day. You’re very lucky for many reasons. One is that you don’t have cataracts, but I think you are the luckiest because you have a brother that did. Your brother is the strongest, bravest, neatest kid I’ve ever met. He is such a good big brother and loves you so much.”
    . . .

  • tommy2Tommy’s Mom wrote a letter from her son to all of his “adoring fans”:

    “Hello!  Yes, I wear an eyepatch, isn’t it cool?  My favorite one is the one with dinosaurs, I like to roar like a dinosaur.  Guess what?  I can see you, even with an eye patch.  These glasses?  Yes, they are real, yes, they work, and no, they aren’t broken, it’s called a bifocal.  Oh, and I can also hear you, so can my  mommy.”
    . . .

  • And I wrote up a letter to eye care providers:

    “Please help us to understand our children’s vision and their vision problems.  I know you studied the visual system and eyes, not how to calm a freaked out parent, and I know that we are not always easy to deal with (and especially after eye drops, our children aren’t always the easiest either).  But we know that glasses and patches and eye drops and other treatments work best when they’re done as directed.”
    . . .

So what letters are missing?  Who or what would you write to?  I’d love to publish more letters here, or link to them if you’ve written them for your own blog.  Leave a comment or send me a note at


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