Everybody has a something: Book review and giveaway of Jacob’s Eye Patch

JacobsEyePatchJacob cannot wait to get to the store to get his very own light up globe, but there are few things his mom needs to do first: pick up his brother, and get some ice cream. Along the way, much to Jacob’s chagrin, people keep stopping him to ask about his patch.

Jacob’s Eye Patch, by Beth Kobliner Shaw and Jacob Shaw, comes out today.  It’s a charming and quite funny story of Jacob dealing with all the questions that so often come with a child wearing an eye patch.  By the end, he not only gets his globe, but he realizes that everyone has a something.  A something that makes them different, something that people will ask about or comment on.  Something that you don’t always feel like talking about.


The illustrations by Jules Feiffer are simply gorgeous.  They convey Jacob’s excitement and frustration perfectly.

This book captures one of the ongoing difficulties that comes with patching.  After the initial period of adjustment to wearing a patch (which is its own difficulty), there are still the questions that seem to come from all directions every time you leave the house.  Jacob’s Eye Patch not only gives voice to the frustration that can come with having to answer those questions over and over again, it also encourages kids to use their own voice to tell the story of their eye patch, or any other difference they have.

There’s an accompanying website with the tagline “Being different can be hard. But everyone has something. What’s your something?“  The site has stories submitted by parents, as well as materials and activities.  I found the tip sheet for parents to help kids cope with differences to be especially helpful.

Beth Kobliner Shaw has very generously given Little Four Eyes 20 copies of Jacob’s Eye for a giveaway.  There are no strings attached, simply leave a comment letting me know you’d like to be entered.  I’ll draw 20 names on Tuesday, Oct. 1.

If you’re as inspired as I am by this book and the authors’ generosity, there are a few things you could do:

  • Share your child’s story on the Jacob’s Eye Patch site.
  • Share a picture of your child wearing an eye patch or glasses to go into our photo galleries (email it to ann@shinypebble.com with “photo gallery” in the subject line.  I know a lot of kids who wear glasses or an eye patch like to see pictures of other children patching.

New Update, 11/9/13: Author Beth Kobliner-Shaw was so touched by the comments that she is going to get a copy to everyone that commented.  If you did not hear from me about this, please email me at ann@shinypebble.com!  And many thanks to Beth!!

Update: Thank you all for reading and commenting, and again, many, many thanks to Beth for the books that we’re giving away.  Winners of the giveaway are: From an ink smeared page, Priya, Jasmine, Jessica S, Jessica D,  Joanne, rhanderson, MB, Karin, Joanna, Lirpa, Rachel, Cynthia, Daddy NYC, Vivian, Stanley, Amber, Dawn, Laura, and Mary.

28 responses to “Everybody has a something: Book review and giveaway of Jacob’s Eye Patch

  1. I would love this book for my little boy who is 2 with Amblyopia, he patches 5 hours a day and it is sometimes tough being different. Thanks, Ashlie


  2. I have two children that news to patch but absolutely refuse. Maybe this book will encourage them more than I can. Please enter us in the drawing. Thank you.


  3. My 4 year old daughter needs to patch for 6 hours a day. Which includes a few hours everyday at childcare. So she does get a lot of questions….I would love for her to have this book. Thanks, Priya.


  4. Sounds like a great book! Being the mamma to a boy who used to patch, we know all about Jacob’s frustrations and all the questions. Owen would love to own a copy of this, especially since he’s learning how to read now!


  5. Have just hit the 6 week mark of patch and now I’m getting a firm NO every day when its time to put on our patch. Need help. Maybe a book would help


  6. As a mommy of an aphakia boy this is a great book to help him understand why his patch is so important as he grows older. Would love to win a copy.


  7. Having the daily struggle of the eye patch can be very frustrating at times. I am so happy to see a book written for children to help deal with the issue of wearing one. My son screams and cries daily because he does not want to wear it. He hates the stares and comments people make. Thank you for writing this!


  8. I’d love to be entered! We don’t patch (yet), but it’s been mentioned as a possibility in the future since we’ve just started with glasses correction. If we do end up going that route, this would be lovely for my little girl (and her brothers) to help warm to the idea.


  9. I would love to be entered into the giveaway as my son Kohen has amblyopia and still patches daily to strengther his eye. The book sounds like it would be fun to read!


  10. Please enter us for one of the copies of Jacob’s Eye Patch! Our daughter has been a dedicated patch wearer for the past 2.5 years out of her 3 years now, and we saw a copy in our dr.’s office and she loved it. (We would’ve purchased it there except for all the other costs incurred that day!)


  11. Please enter us in the drawing. my 2 1/2 year old loves nothing more than books. Hard to find books with patches and glasses.!


  12. Love this book my children having been going to Dr Brian for 7 years my son wore an eye patch for 8 hours a day when he was younger. I have a student who is four and is wearing one for eight hours a days but having a hard time with it! This book was great we shared it with her thank you for writing a great book about our special children


  13. I would love a copy for my 4 year old! We are on day 3 of patching and he is having a hard time transitioning. He loves books so much – it would mean a lot to him to have a book about another kid who has to wear a patch.


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