News: the Great Glasses Play Day and a fantastic giveaway

Two quick things:

The Great Glasses Play Day

smSavetheDate2015The 2015 Great Glasses Play Day is the first weekend in May — that’s coming up soon!  We have over two dozen locations already, but we’d love to have more.  The event is a great way to meet other families near you who have kids with vision issues, and a way to spread awareness in your community about the importance of early detection and treatment of vision problems.  It’s easy to sign up, and we’ll help you with the organizing.  Check it out!

Huge Glasses and Patching Giveaway

giveawayEye Power Kid’s Wear is sponsoring a fantastically huge giveaway.  There are 20 different prize packages that you can enter to win.  Everything from a pair of glasses, to books (including my book, Glasses), to patches, to t-shirts, and more!  The giveaway ends Feb. 18.  Take a look and enter — and good luck!

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