Seven Years! (7 best posts and 7 book giveaway to celebrate)

first day

The first photo I posted, which is fitting, as it’s of Zoe’s first day in glasses.

Today is the 7 year birthday of the Little Four Eyes blog.  I started it about 3 1/2 months into Zoe’s journey with glasses.  By that point, we’d already gotten through convincing her to wear them semi-reliably, and she’d already had her first prescription change.  I thought maybe I could help others by sharing what we’d learned, but mostly I just had a whole lot of questions — like, how on earth do you deal with a toddler throwing a tantrum when she’s wearing breakable equipment on her face?  (She was 17 months then, and we were just learning the joys of tantrums.)  And how do you deal with other toddlers who are curious about your child’s glasses?

I’m a bit in awe of what this site has become in the past 7 years: over 670 posts, nearly 6,000 comments, over 200 photos in the galleries, plus a really active facebook group.  I have learned so much from all of you, including ideas for dealing with tantrums, and I want to thank you for sharing and reading and being part of this.

Top 7 Posts

(based on number of thumbs up votes and number of shares) One of my favorite things about this list is that more than half of the posts are by people other than me.  I am proud that this site has given a voice to so many different people with different stories and experiences:

  1. Understanding your child’s glasses prescription
  2. When you’ve just found out your young child needs glasses
  3. Patching a toddler (by Melissa Glover)
  4. Your stories – Cortical Vision Impairment (by Tobi)
  5. Vision therapy for toddlers … an exercise in patience (by Amber)
  6. Your stories – “I once was blind, but now I see” (by Crystal)
  7. Things to say (and not say) to young kids in glasses

7 book giveaway

Update: Congratulations to the winners of the giveaway: Kenner82, Kogden97, Kelly K, Sarah Jane Mastenbrook, Leslie McMordie, Christine, and Erin!  You should receive an email from me, let me know ( if you don’t.

And in celebration, I’m giving away 7 copies of my Glasses book, which was inspired by feedback I got for the photo galleries on this site.  Comment with one thing you’d tell a parent who’s just learned their child needs glasses.  I’ll choose 7 winners at random on March 22nd!


that's my hand...holding my book!

17 responses to “Seven Years! (7 best posts and 7 book giveaway to celebrate)

  1. Consistency is key! Use the same verbiage every time you put the glasses on and don’t let him get away with taking them off without immediately re-applying them. Soon he will learn that he will not win the battle.


  2. One thing I would tell a parent who just found out their child needed glasses was that, It’s going to be ok!! It’s not going to be easy but it will be ok! There is TONS of support to be found on the L4E facebook and website and with most of your family and friends!


  3. Don’t be afraid to keep going back until you get the style and fit that is needed for your little one. Even if it takes 73737 tries!


  4. I think I’d start with “Welcome to an amazing club!” And go from there. I typically feel the temp of the water – Are they wanting to word-vent some stress? Ask for advice? Be reassured? (I was yes to all 3…) And I always end with a L4E rec! This page has saved my sanity on more than one occasion!!


  5. I would tell the parent to check out the articles on the Little Four Eyes website because they’re very helpful. In fact, I have recomended it to a few parents already.


  6. It may be a tough adjustment – physically and emotionally – at first, but you child has been given the opportunity to see the world the way he or she should see it and there is comfort in knowing that.


  7. I would prefer them to this website and Facebook group. There is so much information and support. Within the past month, I found out my 4 year old son needs glasses. Thankfully, I found this site. It has helped me through all my questions and concerns.


  8. I’d tell them that’s it’s so much more common these days, and that’s a good thing. It’s a good thing you found out early, and it’s a good thing that your child will be able to see better. It’s so easy to focus on the difficulties, but it’s a good thing!


  9. Honestly, I’d tell them that it’s all going to work out just fine. That it might be a bit of an adjustment at first (sometimes more so for the parents than the child!) but that tons of people, both adults and children, wear glasses every day and it’s really very manageable. Toddlers are hard, but they’re hard even without glasses 😉 So take some deep breathes and you’ll get through it!


  10. I would tell parents that just because your child wears glasses doesn’t mean they won’t be able to do the same things as every other kid. They will be just fine! And super cute! 👓


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