Ask Little Four Eyes: strabismus after a fall?

This community is amazing and has a wealth of experience between all of us.  So “Ask Little Four Eyes” is your chance to ask the full community.  If you have a children’s glasses or vision-related question, submit it here and I’ll post it to the blog as well as the facebook page and group.  I’ll collect the responses and update the post with those responses.  – Ann Z.

My son was examined at his one year old appointment and they used the new eye scanner machine. They detected absolutely no abnormalities. In the last month I have started to notice one eye crossing in more and more. I took him back today and they did the scan again and found enough that they said we definitely need to go see an eyedoctor specifically relating to strabismus (but maybe more that they did not say). He’s now 17 months and falls (A LOT) and has definitely bumped his head multiple times (both front and back). Has anyone had strabismus or other eye issues show up in relation to falls or am I over thinking this? Thanks!

3 responses to “Ask Little Four Eyes: strabismus after a fall?

  1. Strabismus (non-infantile) typically presents between the ages of 1 and 5. My daughter was diagnosed at age 2.5. While she did not have any eye exams before diagnosis, I’m fairly certain nothing would have been found when she was only 1yo.


  2. We got a diagnosis for our son at just over 2yo but the issue was evident from 18 months. My son also has a very strong long sighted prescription. Before diagnosis and glasses, we had a lot of head bumping – but much of this was deliberate. Orthoptists think he had severe headaches due to how hard his eyes were working with strabismus and long sightedness, which meant frustration and pain – so he banged his head against hard surfaces deliberately and repeatedly (oh my, how our house got padded!). But he also had a fair degree of clumsiness, which we can put down to his lack of sight until glasses changed his outlook and life. The bumping stopped, he still has clumsiness but no more than other kids of his age. Hope the appointment you make gets a diagnosis that explains and reassures – and starts the path to resolution!


  3. My daughter developed strabismus around 28-24 months. I think it was due to being more far-sighted in one eye than the other


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