That is the approximate number of patches used if you patch every day for 8 and a half years.  (Give or take a few….)


That is the approximate number of hours spent wearing a patch for 3 or more hours a day for that time.

Can’t put a number on tears, or courage, or effort,  Those you just live through, and support and marvel.

At long last, after all these years, we have arrived.  We’ve arrived at today, August 3rd 2015.  Just about an hour or so ago our son, Nicky, put on what was (fingers crossed) his last patch ever.

Through it all…shifting vision and eye surgery, changing prescriptions and coke bottle lenses, through broken frames and the occasional stitches, and yes…many, many, many patches.  We’re proud to say…he did it.

Just a few hours from now he’ll take it off, and we believe, keep it off.  I haven’t been active here on L4E as often as I used to, but I did want to share the success.  Because without the words of wisdom, and encouragement, and support of people going through similar challenges, I think this time passed would have been much harder than it was. (Especially you Ann!! Glad I found you and this site.)

So for my part, thanks. And if you are ever feeling discouraged, or think you can’t get through.  Be sure to come here to L4E.  Cause you can, and you will.

So we’re off (methinks to a patch burning party later on today..) having come in not knowing and full of worry, and looking forward knowing that no effort is wasted effort. Because the the payoff is just that important.

9 responses to “3,102

  1. That is so great!!!! How is it going with his implanted lens? My daughter is still patching every other month. The doctor told her to stop now a year ago, but she feels if she is with out the patch for 2 months her vision gets a little blurry and than she patch for 2 wks daily for 2 hrs and it is much better.


    • Hi Suzy, The lens has been good. No issues. He’s about a -1 now and hits a 20/25 more or less when he sees the PO.


      • Hi try Rec Specs Street series glasses an Rec Specs Maxx 20 glasses my son has theme an loves very very much the come in many colors an designs my son has had his for about a year now an has not once broken them yet they are designed to take a beating by kids an keep going which I am so glad I found these glasses they have mad such a big difference in my son’s life it’s unbelievable an every time we’re out someone tell him how cool or handsome an I highly highly recommend the Rec Specs Street series glasses or the Rec Specs Maxx 20 glasses they are very very well worth the money you can look them up on the Internet thank you.


  2. Congratulations! We are still on the patching journey. Out of curiosity, how did you know it was time to stop?


  3. Hi George,

    May I kindly know the name of the eye surgeon who did your child’s “in the bag IOL”? My child underwent a similar surgery last year but ended up having iris-fixated lens in one eye and “in the bag IOL” with tension ring and scleral sutures in the other eye. A month later the surgeon had to fixate the “in the bag IOL” to the iris as well as it was sagging a bit. Her vision improved remarkably over the next year but recently she has started having recurrent inflammation in the eye with secondary iris – fixated IOL. Surgeons around here seem to just rely on steroid eye drops and avoid reoperating as they are not sure about the source of inflammation. The surgeon who performed the original surgery passed away a week before she had her first flare-up.

    We are based in Utah but can travel anywhere within US.


    • Hi Ayefa,

      He actually had the entirety of the ‘bag’ removed…capsule and all. The surgery left him with a scleral sutured IOL in the left eye.

      The surgeon was Dr Brandon Ayers of Wills Eye Hospital, Philadelphia. If/when the time comes to do the other eye..we would turn to him without hesitation or reservation.


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