Ask Little Four Eyes: question post-strabismus surgery

This community is amazing and has a wealth of experience between all of us.  So “Ask Little Four Eyes” is your chance to ask the full community.  If you have a children’s glasses or vision-related question, submit it here and I’ll post it to the blog as well as the facebook page and group.  I’ll collect the responses and update the post with those responses.  – Ann Z.

My son Max had surgery at the end of May for esotropia. We were told we would find out if the surgery worked in 3 months. Why such a long wait? If we see his eye still go in slightly does it mean it didn’t work?

I’ll note that this is a perfect question to ask your child’s eye care provider, as they’ll know the most about your child’s case.  But, if others would like to share stories of their child’s recovery and when they knew whether or not it was successful, that would be great.  In Zoe’s case, she had a follow-up appointment 8 weeks after her surgery, and she did have a prescription change.  Before her follow-up, her eyes started moving apart.  Her new prescription was lowered and her eyes were once again straight.

2 responses to “Ask Little Four Eyes: question post-strabismus surgery

  1. Unfortunately, our experience was that the surgery didn’t seem to work. Immediately after the surgery, my daughter’s eyes were mostly straight but not perfectly so. After several months, they weren’t much better and worsened from there. There are many different reasons for strabismus–not all of which respond to surgery. We have had much better results from intense eye patching which we have had to continue for years following the surgery and are still not done with! Hoping you have better success with surgery than we did!


    • Hi this message is for “Another Anne”. My son is going to have surgery for his intermittent exotropia (in just one eye) next month. It’s not that bad..his eyes drift about 15%-20% of the time. I heard the success rate for the surgery is about 80-85%. Was your daughter’s exotropia pretty severe? I patched for about 2 months (2 hours/day) and stopped because I noticed his good eye turning inward. His eyes didnt improve. If anything, perhaps it got a bit worse. I’m disappointed that I’m caving for the surgery but I guess I just want to get this over with. I hear patching rarely works.


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