Book review: Grady Gets Glasses

grady-book-cover“Grady Gets Glasses” is a new picture book written by Dede Rittman.  Rittman was a 10th grade English teacher for many years, she also wore glasses as a young child.  This is her first book.

Grady is rabbit who is sporting some pretty sweet red glasses.  The book is narrated by Grady, who talks about vision, eyes, and glasses, all in a fun rhyme.  The pages are illustrated with lovely, bright drawings that fill the full page by Lauren Givens Wood.

At 32 pages, the book covers quite a bit of ground.  Grady explains what glasses are, how to take care of them, and even gives a brief explanation of nearsightedness and farsightedness.



The book does a lovely job of portraying glasses as a positive thing:

Your glasses help you see your house
and lots of fun things too –

Gray elephants, a small white mouse,
striped tigers at the zoo.

The book doesn’t tell the story of how Grady learned he would need glasses, however, I’m told that a second book is in the works that will cover that part of the story.

“Grady Gets Glasses” provides a great introduction to glasses for kid.  It would be a good choice to read in school as well.  It is available for purchase from


Correction: The original review incorrectly said that the illustrations were by Dede Rittman.  The illustrations were done by Lauren Givens Wood.  The review has been updated to reflect this.

Disclaimer: Author Dede Rittman provided a copy of her book for this review.  No other compensation was received.  This review reflects my honest opinion of the book.

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