What do you see?

This is for all those parents out there who wonder what their child sees.  I absolutely adore this picture drawn by Allison R. She’s eight and has been in glasses since she was six months old. She’s farsighted with a +6 in one eye and +6.5 in the other.

This picture is a drawing of her mother showing how Allison see’s with her glasses on (left) vs with them off (right).selfportrait

5 responses to “What do you see?

  1. This is amazing and lovely – thanks for sharing! My son is farsighted and has +9 in one eye and +7.75 in the other, and is 4. His prescription is now stable, and is unlikely to improve any hereon. He has been in glasses since 2. He is not yet at the stage of reliably describing how he sees with and without glasses (there are other health issues in the mix…), so it’s a mystery to us despite use of simulators linked to elsewhere in littlefoureyes.

    This drawing really helps me, given the similar high +numbers in the prescription! It also gives me an idea of a drawing task we might try with him as he gets older.


    • I can so relate to what you’re saying! Zoe wasn’t really able to express how she saw without glasses until she was quite a bit older (I think she was 6 or 7). That’s why I was so taken by this drawing, too.

      For what it’s worth, Zoe’s prescription dropped this year (when she was 8) for the first time since she got glasses at 14 months. She’ll always need glasses, but it was nice to see it drop a bit.


  2. Just wanted to say how helpful this page has been to me & THANKS. We learned yesterday my 8mn old son needs glasses, and having never worn them myself or my husband, this is totally new to us. I knew nothing about vision problems and was (am) just terrified of what this means for his vision long term & concerns about his eyes crossing. He’s farsighted and from the looks we’ve gotten I thought it was pretty severe, but reading here has really helped. (He’s at +4.25 & +3.50 and has astigmatism sin both eyes). He was fitted for glasses today & I look forward to my baby not having to work so hard to see us. Thanks again


  3. Hi, this dragwing gives us parents a picture of how our childrens’ vision is.
    My daughter,9months now, has been wearing her glasses for a month now.. She has +10 in each eye. i am worried that i havent read a story of other child with such a big farsightness and thus am extremeley anxiour regarding my baby’s vision and prognosis later on.


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