Cyber Monday, Little Four Eyes style — and a giveaway!

Hello! For readers in the U.S., I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and a happy weekend to all! I am so thankful for this community and for all the people who have helped Zoe to see better.

Tomorrow is known as Cyber Monday, a day when online retailers often offer deals to kick off the holiday season.  There are so many wonderful online retailers out there that provide products that help our kids in glasses to see better, look better, or like their glasses better.  Below is a list of sites offering deals or specials this Monday (Nov. 27, 2017).  I’ll also be giving away three copies of my book.

Happy Thanksgiving!

[image description: drawing of a turkey wearing glasses. Text reads: “Thankful for vision! Cyber Monday deals…and a book giveaway!”]

Disclosure: I am not receiving any money or compensation from these companies, nor am I endorsing them. I am listing them because I think it helps our community to have companies that offering products for our kids.

2017 Cyber Monday Deals for the Little Four Eyes Community

  • Eye Power Kids Wear is offering 20% off items on their website with the code LITTLE4EYESCheck out their store
    [image description: photos of children in glasses wearing t-shirts about glasses and vision.  Text reads: “use coupon code ‘LITTLE4EYES’ 20% OFF. “]
  • Kids Bright Eyes is having their largest sale of the year.  Coupon code: glasses2017   will save you 25% off Frames (Free 1 year warranty on the frame), Prescription Services, and Accessories. Take a look at their shopKBE[image description: photos of young children in glasses and frames with patches.  Text reads: “Kids Bright Eyes, durable eyewear for little and big kids”]
  • Spectacular Sprouts is having a 25% off sale of all their items from Nov. 23 through to Nov 27th. No coupon code needed.  Check out their storespectacularsprouts
    [image description: photos of children’s t-shirts featuring animals in glasses.  Text reads: “Spectacular Sprouts 25% off storewide.  Black Friday through to Cyber Monday “]
  • Presbeau Publishing is offering the three Patchland Adventures books about patching by Carmen Swick and a sweet plush bear with (or without) an eye patch.  Free shipping in the US. (Read our review of the first book.)  Take a look at their shop
    [image description: cover images of three Patch Land Adventures books and a photo of a stuffed animal bear wearing an eye patch.  Text reads: “the Adventures continue! New! Book Three. Collect the Series! “]
  • i2i Optique is offering 20% off their website with the code 20%.  Browse their collection

(If you are a vendor and would like to add your special to this list, please let me know –

Glasses Book Giveaway

In honor of the season, I am giving away three copies of my board book, Glasses (you can read a review of the book at Children’s Books Heal).  Just comment below with your child’s favorite thing to see during this season to be entered.  I’ll use a random number generator to choose three winners on the evening of Wednesday, Nov. 29.


[image description: photo of the board book “Glasses” which has photos of young children in glasses on the cover.]

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