Easy DIY Valentines

Jessica Green posted these super cute valentines that she made with her 5 year old daughter.  She graciously gave us permission to share the photos and instructions.  You can see her original post on Instagram.


[photo description: 5 year old girl in a tiara and glasses, holding a red heart-shaped valentine with sparkly purple glasses.]

Materials (from Hobby Lobby and Michael’s):

  • die-cut hearts
  • paper glitter glasses (about the same size as the hearts)
  • valentines stickers
  • silly eye stickers

1. Put the glasses on the heart and tape the arms to the back of the heart

[photo description: left photo of red paper hearts with glittery heart glasses. right photo shows the back of the paper heart with the temples of the glasses taped down.]

2. Put eye stickers inside the glasses frames (centered for the best fit!)


[photo image: roll of eye stickers in front of the heart valentines with glasses and eyes.]

3. Add a mouth and Valentines stickers to decorate!


[photo image: Three finished valentines: Red heart shapes with glittery heart-shaped glasses, eye stickers and hand-drawn smiles and other valentines stickers.]

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