Coloring page!

Amomofelly has written before about activities to do with your child to help encourage good visual development.  One recommended activity is to color with crayons, markers, pencils, pens and more – encouraging them to stay in the lines of coloring books.  And now we have our very first little four eyes coloring page, created by Amomofelly herself!

click to download a pdf file to print and color!

click to download a pdf file of the coloring page to print and color!

The lines are thicker than traditional coloring pages, especially to help those kids who are patching and are still struggling to see through their weaker eye.

The coloring page is also linked from our Gear page.  Please feel free to print and distribute the pages to anyone else who would like them, or linking to it here.  We hope to add more coloring pages soon!

3 responses to “Coloring page!

  1. I love this coloring sheet. I would like to link to it and credit you on my blog about amblyopia. I’m going to use this with my daughter!


  2. MT – glad you like it, and please feel free to use it, pass it on, print copies to leave at your PO or OP. We printed the image on transfer paper and ironed it on a t-shirt. My daughter thought it was great! Hopefully I’ll get more coloring sheets done soon. I take requests =)


  3. What a wonderful idea! I was born amblyopic in the 1960’s and did the patch therapy every summer until I was 11 or 12. Every now and then, it will get “lazy” and will turn out and I was looking for other exercises to do and found this.


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