Coloring page, patching charts, blog badges and a book give away! Oh my

So much stuff! I just got an influx of all manner of things for you all – it just all kind of accumulated at the same time.

boy with a monkey

Coloring Page!

Amomofelly has made a new colorpage!  In response to requests, this one features a boy with glasses and a patch.  It’s one of the thick-lined coloring pages, which makes it a great page for kids to color while they’re patching.  Click the picture to download a pdf of the coloring page that you can download and print out!  Also check out all of our other coloring pages on our Gear page.

~ ~ ~

daily patching chart

daily patching chart

Patching Charts!

Amomofelly also made two patching charts for kids to use to keep track of their patching goals.  There are two charts, one for daily patching (color or use stickers to fill in the clocks for each hour of patching), and one for a week of patching (color or use stickers to fill in boxes for each day).  Amomofelly wrote the following about how they use the patching charts:

I will say they don’t work for all kids all the time, but may give a needed boost if patching is just starting out or they hit a rough “I don’t want to patch” time.  I would have Elly color the clocks in with crayons or marker.  The weekly one can either be colored in, or you could put stickers in the boxes.  Since we are on 10 hours a day patching, I would just make each box worth 2 hours of patching.

weekly patching chart

weekly patching chart

Some great rewards for meeting goals are; tons of hugs and kisses, trips to a special place, getting to choose their favorite meal or snack for dinner, movie night, small toy, having a friend over for a playdate, game night and much more.  I prefer fun times vs fun toys as they create more memories =)

You can also download the patching charts from the Gear page.

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Blog Badges

badge1If you have your own blog, now you can support and link to Little Four Eyes with one of our blog badges.  Nicole from GrudgeMom (whose daughter Penny is in our photo gallery, and who also writes Carrots make you blind?!?!) created 7 badges for you to choose from, using the art by Scott Donaldson that’s featured on this blog!  Five of the badges are specifically for those of you who have submitted a your child’s picture to the photo gallery.  Visit our badge page to see all of the choices and to pick up the code to add a badge to your blog or website.

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fxingmygazeBook Giveaway

I am most of the way through the fascinating book “Fixing My Gaze: A Scientist’s Journey Into Seeing in Three Dimensions” by Susan Barry.  The author is a neurobiologist who had infantile strabismus and never developed binocular vision until late in life when she started doing vision therapy.  Barry explains vision and vision development in a very readable, and extremely interesting way.  I will be writing up a full review of the book soon, and have two copies of the book to give away as part of National Vision and Learning Month (August).  Watch for the review and details on how to get a copy of the book.

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