Book Giveaway at Amblyopia Kids: 45 Lazy Eye Exercises

Hellokittiemama over at Amblyopia Kids recently reviewed the book 45 Lazy Eye Exercises, and raved about it and recommends it “especially to parents who are just starting out with patching, as well as parents like me — who may have been patching now for several months but feeling like they’ve hit a wall on things to do.”   You can read the full review here.

Now she is giving away a copy on her blog to one lucky commenter.  Deadline is September 17, 2009.  Check it out if you’re looking for patching exercises!

2 responses to “Book Giveaway at Amblyopia Kids: 45 Lazy Eye Exercises

  1. I recently found out that my niece has been unable to see out of her right eye since she was a baby. I really scared and concerned looking all over the internet after talking to her parents. So far doc has only patched her eye up and prescribed glasses. Please help with any advise on what we can do for her to help her along to gain full sight. She was diagnosed with Hyperopic amblyopia.


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