reader question: looking for examples of kids with higher prescriptions

I just got this email from Tami, who is looking for stories and pictures of kids with high + prescriptions to help her daughter who is unhappy about getting glasses and worried how they’ll look on her.  As an aside, any doctors reading this should take this as a lesson in being careful in what you say to kids about getting glasses.  I’m sure the doctor thought it would help.

my daughter who is 4 yrs old was diagnosed with acommodative esotropia today with a very high prescription 0f +6.5 and +7.5. Do you have any tips or pictures of kids in that high of a script for far sightedness? She is very sad that she has to wear them and the doctor made the mistake of telling me her eyes would look larger in the glasses, Will they really be that thick? If you have any advice of pictures of kids in the similar presciption maybe it would help.

7 responses to “reader question: looking for examples of kids with higher prescriptions

  1. Tami – my daughter is going on 4. Her prescription isn’t quite as high, but is a +5.75. We always get the slimmest lenses that we possibly can. Her first temporary lenses were not the high index ones b/c they didn’t have them in stock. To be honest I was shocked how thick they were! However, the high index ones are much thinner and make a difference on how her eyes appear as well. Aubrie’s eyes do look a bit larger, but she doesn’t look abnormal or anything. I think they actually enhance her very pretty brown eyes. I would suggest showing your daughter pictures on this website of all our kids, and possibly getting some books about kids in glasses. Ann has a great list of books that my daughter loves. Once glasses become a part of her daily life and she realizes how much she can truly see I think things will go much smoother! Best of luck! ~Annie


  2. I agree with Annie. My daughter’s prescription is down now to +4.5, but we started at a +6.5. With the high index lenses, you get a thinner lens. I think my daughter’s glasses magnified her eyes VERY slightly- and I think this was only noticeable to me and my husband for maybe the first day or two. It was so subtle that after that, I have never thought about it again until now! And I also agree with Annie that once your daughter has her glasses and can see much more clearly and easily, she will adjust more easily than aniticipated. Good luck!


    • Hi Keeley A.
      I’m just curious, if you don’t mind me asking. How has your daughter’s RX gone down? I can’t find your story on here or what vision problem your daughter has but that seems like quite an accomplishment, big improvement. My daughter’s eyes just got worse, accomodative esotropia, and we just started vision therapy so I’m just curious about your situation. Thanks.


  3. My daughter is a +7.5 and her lenses magnify her eyes very little. We pay a premium for lenses that minimize distortion. In fact both our twins wear the same type lenses although our her twin is only +5.5. No one has ever commented about how big her eyes look. Good luck to her, Tami!


  4. My daughter’s prescription is +7 in the right eye and +8 in the left and her lenses are high index. Her lenses really don’t look very thick in the frames and her eyes are slightly magnified, but not overly so. Below is a link to a photo of both the frames alone and how her eyes look in them. Hope this is helpful. Good luck!



    • hi the picture of your little one is great, my daughter is similar strength in glasses but im really struggling to find lenses as thin as your daughters, any chance you can tell me which opticians they came from? and did you pay to have them thinner?


  5. I feel selfish, but we found out today that my 4yo is farsighted and needs glasses. Broke my heart when PO said his eyes will be magnified. Also… We were shocked because at home he always said things far away were too small to read??? I’m confused..,shouldn’t that be near sighted!??


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