Thursday is Thanksgiving in the US, the day that we pause for a moment to give thanks for all that we have.  But I feel like starting a bit early.  So in the spirit of giving thanks, here are a few things that I have to be thankful for:

  • That Zoe’s vision problems were caught early, are treatable, and are being treated.
  • That we can afford to pay for her glasses (two pair, even), for prescription changes, new frames, and for her regular exams.
  • That I have had the chance to meet (even if mostly only through the computer) so many wonderful people through this blog, and I have learned so much.
  • That Zoe is not particularly hard on her glasses, and has not attempted to bend either of her current frames into an unrecognizable shape.
  • That somehow, against all odds, we have not lost any of her glasses, not even her sunglasses.
  • That Zoe now puts her glasses on herself, and reminds me to put my glasses on.
  • That there is a good children’s eyeglasses shop only a mile away, staffed with people who are kind, and willing to do many, many, many glasses adjustments for us.
  • That at Disney World, when we went to our second 3-d show, Zoe reached for the image once.  She completely failed the 3-d vision test at our last appointment in May, but I have hope that it’s beginning to develop.
  • That glasses today are so dang cute!

I’m sure more will come to me in the next few days.  What are you thankful for?

7 responses to “thankful

  1. This is so sweet Ann! We’re thankful you created this blog for us all! I am also thankful that Aubrie’s vision has stabalized this year. That she’s growing bigger & easier on her glasses. I’m also thankful that her brother doesn’t need them!


  2. Hi Ann,
    What a lovely post. I am grateful that Paris’s condition has been caught early. I am grateful we are able to treat it and as such she will have the best possible outcome. I am grateful that she is a beautiful, smart, funny and very healthy child who can do anything. I am grateful that we can afford to send her to the best doctors and get her the best glasses/lenses to make it as easy as possible for her. We are grateful for a supportive family and friends who only have positive and encouraging words to say about her glasses and how adorable she is in them. Makes you feel good when you write it all down, I could keep going but the exercise has made me all the more grateful for things I dont often have the time to stop and think about. 🙂


  3. I am thankful that the staff welcomes my daughter by name each visit, I am also thankful that they have tons of stickers and toys to help them complete their exams and that they are super kid friendly. I am also thankful that the Optritian down the street will do adjustments for free even though we didn’t buy the glasses from him, that my husband’s health insurance allows us to see an amazing PO and covers part of our OT and much, much more!


  4. In response to ammofelly, yes I am also grateful that everyone we visit regarding Paris’s eyes know her by name and genuinely light up when she walks in the door, a very nice feeling. Our optician also puts new nose pieces on her glasses and adjusts them, although we did not buy them there. Since patching, Paris’s weak eye has gone from 3/18 to 3/12 and that was a while ago so I her vision is also improving, her exotropia however is still there. Our PO also said something about getting the vision equal first and we can fix the deviation later. I am putting my trust in him and trying to be patient as I know this is not an overnight process. Great to hear of your success. Congratulations on your hard work 🙂 Fingers crossed re the surgery I am sure it will go very well.


  5. It is Ann and she is very compliant with the patching now so we are so lucky there. The PO has not mentioned how long we will need to patch for so that will be a questions I will ask next time. I think 3/6 is the vision in her good eye so I am guessing 3/12 in the weaker eye is not too bad? can anyone shed any light on that, as in is that good, bad moderate?


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