four eyes are better than one?

I loved the Mr. Men and Little Miss books as a kid, so I was excited when Dr. Holser at Advanced Eye Care in Grand Rapids posted a video of the three characters from that series that wear glasses (Little Miss Whoops, Mr. Persnickety, and Mr. Nervous) doing a glasses are cool rap.

But after watching it, I was a bit less excited.  It’s pretty catchy and funny, and I’m all for songs and characters that portray glasses positively.  But with the refrain of “four eyes are better than one”, and a scene of one of the glasses guys (Mr. Persnickety) fighting a pirate with an eye patch, and winning, I think this is not a good video for encouraging patching, which is really too bad.  At first, I thought perhaps the characters were targeted at an older group, that is less likely to be patching, but according to the Mr Men Show website, the show is targeted at kids age 4-7, which is when a lot of patching for amblyopia happens.  And the more I think about it, the less I like that the personalities of the characters that wear glasses feel a bit stereotypical, but I could very well be overly sensitive.

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