Graduating from the eye clinic

Alex, age 9

Anne from Is this a boardinghouse or something? just sent me a note with some great news.  Her son, Alex – now 9 years old, has worn glasses since he was 3 1/2, and has struggled with amblyopia for years.  From her post:

Over the years, we patched, dropped, argued, bribed & begged. We had sticker charts, bought webkinz and occasionally sat on him to get him to wear the patch. …. The Atropine changed Alex’s personality and sometimes gave him nightmares. When he started school, his vision was so bad he qualified for special education funding; he had special paper with black lines…

On Tuesday, they learned that all of their hard work with patching, dropping, begging and bribing paid off.  Alex has gone from being legally blind in his right eye, to having 20/40 vision, and has  been released from monthly visits to the eye care clinic.

I encourage everyone to read the full post, it’s a great story of why patching is worth the effort and the tears.

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