vignettes from the weekend

We went sledding this weekend, which was a lot of fun up until the final ride when she fell off the sled and ended up getting snow pushed up between her glasses and her eye.  Ouch and brrrrr, Zoe was really – understandably – upset.  Miraculously, the glasses weren’t scratched.

~ ~ ~

After a walk yesterday (it was a balmy 12° F/-11º C), we came in and Zoe said, “oh, my glasses are getting really dirty.”  They were fogging up, the bane of every bespectacled person during the winter.  It was the first time she’s ever mentioned it, the first time she’s ever said anything about her glasses getting dirty.

~ ~ ~

This morning I asked Zoe which glasses she wanted to wear.  “My princess glasses!”  she said.   When I asked which ones were princess glasses, she said she had 2 pair of princess glasses, her Sleeping Beauty glasses (the blue ones), and Cinderella glasses (the red ones).  She’s wearing Sleeping Beauty glasses today.  I have no idea where she came up with this, but I’m going with it!

~ ~ ~

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

One response to “vignettes from the weekend

  1. This is too cute! Aubrie too never mentions her glasses being dirty. Some days she gets home from preschool or daycare & her glasses are just covered in smudges – I don’t know how she can stand it or how she can see! We now have cleaning cloths & spray in all our bags 🙂


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