Crafty things

For the crafty minded, or those looking for some crafts to work on with their kids, here’s some glasses-related crafts…

  • Make a glasses case: Amomofelly pinned this link to instructions for making a simple glasses case that can be decorated however you or your child chooses.
  • Turn old glasses frames into picture frames: I found these instructions a long time ago. I think it’s an interesting I idea, though with kids’ glasses, the pictures would be so small.
  • Patches: There’s a ton of instructions for making your own patches to go over your child’s glasses, and the great thing is that they can be decorated to fit your child’s personality and likes. The big thing to be sure of is that the patch provides complete occlusion, and your child can’t peek. Here’s a couple tutorials, you can also google for eye patch tutorials or eye patch patterns:

Anyone made any of these and want to share a picture?  Or have any other glasses-related crafts to share?

One response to “Crafty things

  1. Fun ideas! Another idea, one we found on this blog, is to make glasses for stuffed animals out of pipe cleaners. Our stuffies are much happier now that they can see all the details!


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