Everything I know about wearing glasses, I learned from having a young kid who wears glasses

mom and daughter, both in glasses

Zoe in her third pair of glasses (from Peeps Eyewear), and me in my second pair (from Cafe).

(Ok, not everything, that’s an exaggeration, but it sounds better than the title “Some things I know about glasses…”).  I was recently at the eye doctors for my normal eye check up.  I’d decided that I was finally going to get myself a second pair of glasses.  I could say that it’s because I want a back up just in case something happens to one pair, but I’d be lying.  I’ve found myself jealous recently of Zoe’s 3 pairs of glasses, and the fact that she gets to choose which pair she’s going each morning.  After I chose my frames, I was talking with the optician about my lens choices, when he stopped for a moment and observed that I really seemed to know a lot about glasses.  It made me chuckle, but indeed, I do know a whole lot more about glasses now.  I’ve had glasses since I was 10, but it wasn’t until we embarked on this journey with Zoe that I really learned much about glasses.

Some other things I’ve learned since Zoe got her glasses:

  1. I’d never bothered to figure out what those numbers on the prescription mean.  Now I can tell people way more about what they mean than anyone probably wants to know.  Funny thing, though.  I have Zoe’s prescription memorized, but not mine.
  2. I used to wipe my lenses with whatever cloth or tissue was nearby.  I know better now.
  3. I also used to take my glasses on and off with one hand.  That was until we took Zoe’s glasses in for adjustment because the ear pieces were bending out, and we were both told to use both hands.
  4. Speaking of adjustments, I’m no longer afraid to go in to get my glasses adjusted if they bother me.

Of course, there are a few things I still haven’t gotten through my thick skull:

  1. I still forget to take off my glasses when I’m putting on a shirt with a tight-fitting neck, leaving me to struggle helplessly with the shirt half over my face, stuck on my frames.
  2. That “on your face or in their case” rule that I posted recently?  I’m really, really bad at it.  The worst part being that if I don’t have my glasses on, my vision is bad enough that I can’t see my glasses.  Another great reason to have 2 pair!

4 responses to “Everything I know about wearing glasses, I learned from having a young kid who wears glasses

  1. I love the purple peeps on Zoe! Did you have to physically go to one of their retailers to get that color? I see that only the pink are available on peeps’ website.


    • Thanks, we love them, too! I actually met Kristin from Peeps Eyewear when she was in town to meet with a local optical shop, so I ordered them directly from her. But they did take quite a long time to come in since she didn’t have them in stock. I’ll ask her about the availability.


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