Reader Request: Poll about accommodative esotropia

Updated: I’ve added Vision Therapy as a choice, but it’s not showing up yet.  It should show up shortly.  Sorry for that, I knew there was something I was forgetting when I hit publish.

One of our readers, Heather, asked if I’d do a poll about how many children with accommodative esotropia end up patching.  I’m expanding the poll just a bit to include other treatment options.

If your child has accommodative esotropia (partial or full), let us know what treatments you’ve done.

2 responses to “Reader Request: Poll about accommodative esotropia

  1. Since we had quite a few answers checked, I thought I’d quickly leave a comment regarding the order of treatments. C started treatments for accomodative esotropia/amblyopia when she was 4, with single vision glasses and patching eight hours a day. A few months later, it was stretched to ten hours a day, and stayed like that until she was 7, when it dropped to 8 hours a day again. At 8, for a few months, it dropped again to 6 hours a day, and now she’s in bifocals, with patching just on weekends.


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