Speaking of polls…

After reading the comments on the poll about how long it takes kids to leave their glasses on, it sounds like people were interested in whether the prescription strength makes a difference in how well a child takes to glasses.  So I’ve decided to put together a huge survey of experiences of young children in glasses.  I’m hoping to pull together information on how quickly children take to their glasses, but also why they wear their glasses, and how strong their prescription is, and what other treatments they’ve received, and other experiences.

As far as I can tell, this would be the first such survey, and I’ll publish the results on Little Four Eyes (responses will be anonymous, of course).

But I wanted to ask all of you, are there any questions or topics you’d love to have that I could ask?


8 responses to “Speaking of polls…

  1. Might also want to include things like additional special needs. It took my daughter over a year to start wearing her glasses consistently (even though she has a very high prescription) but that is in part because she has down syndrome and autism so it took a while for her to understand why we wanted this thing on her face! 🙂


  2. Do the shape of glasses make a difference? Big round? Oval? Square? At least when one is starting with babies, because they tend to get distracted with anything that is in the line of vision and so the glasses keep coming off? Just wondering…
    Do toddlers need to see parents in glasses to feel normal about them?
    My son is 8 months now and he seems to be taking of the glasses out of more habit than need. I often notice him feeling his face for them even when they are not on! Anyone get that?


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