Cyber Monday, Little Four Eyes style — and a giveaway!

Hello! For readers in the U.S., I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and a happy weekend to all! I am so thankful for this community and for all the […]

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Little Four Eyes BINGO

I made up a BINGO card, with each square being a common experience for parents of young children in glasses.  Do you have a bingo (5 in a row, up and down, across, diagonal, or all four corners)?  What other experiences should I have added?

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Resolution for the new year: get your child’s vision checked

If you have a young child and you’re wondering if they may have a vision issue — go, get them checked out now. Vision issues are notoriously hard for parents or pediatricians to catch in young kids without a full vision exam. As it turns out, a pediatric vision exam is a pretty easy, non-invasive way to either get peace of mind or, if your child does have a vision problem, get moving on treatment.

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