Little Four Eyes BINGO

I made up a BINGO card, with each square being a common experience for parents of young children in glasses.  Do you have a bingo (5 in a row, up and down, across, diagonal, or all four corners)?  What other experiences should I have added?

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Resolution for the new year: get your child’s vision checked

If you have a young child and you’re wondering if they may have a vision issue — go, get them checked out now. Vision issues are notoriously hard for parents or pediatricians to catch in young kids without a full vision exam. As it turns out, a pediatric vision exam is a pretty easy, non-invasive way to either get peace of mind or, if your child does have a vision problem, get moving on treatment.

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World Sight Day 2015: Eye Care for All!

The theme for this year’s World Sight Day is Eye Care for All. Regular readers of this site know that eye care is so, so important for diagnosing and treating vision issues, and that getting children the best vision possible is essential. 80% of visual impairment world wide could be prevented or cured with eye care. An estimated 19 million children are visually impaired. Of these, 12 million children are visually impaired due to refractive errors, a condition that could be easily diagnosed and corrected (from the World Health Organization)

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