Franklin in his sunglasses

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Today was sunny, and it sort of made me sad. I took the kids to the zoo. After we got everything from the car into the stroller, I took out my daughter’s sunglasses and put them on her face. Franklin said, “Mommy, did you bring my sunglasses?” Sigh. I had to tell him he couldn’t wear sunglasses anymore because he had to wear his SpongeBob glasses, and he was pretty upset with me right away. We talked about how it’s very important for him to see clearly and he can always wear his baseball cap to protect his eyes, but still. He told me he will miss his star sunglasses, as seen in this picture with his cousin.

It’s going to be sunny all summer, what do you think? Should I let him wear sunglasses sometimes? I just don’t know, I feel bad that he can’t be cool in his shades anymore. Maybe he won’t care after a few weeks, maybe I’m over thinking it, but I still feel bad. It’s just yet another thing to deal with!

7 responses to “Sunglasses

  1. Hmmm, I’m not sure. I sort of assumed not because of the likelyhood of clip-ons being lost or destroyed by the under 5’s, but I guess I shouldn’t assume anything. I’ll check next time I’m in Costco….you’d think they’d have them for sure at the more classy boutiques. Not that Costco isn’t classy…..


  2. Our eyeglasses place encouraged us to get the lenses that get shaded when you’re outside. Supposedly they’ve gotten much better than what I remember – with the lenses always staying a little tinted even when you’re inside. We didn’t get them since they were expensive and we figured her prescription would probably change before it got sunny out. I’m not sure I’d want to try to keep track of glasses and clip-on sunglasses.


  3. They do make clip on kid glasses because we looked at some. The sunglasses were held onto the regular glasses by a magnet.

    We skipped the transitions lenses, too, because every pair I’ve ever seen, including the pair I had less than 5 yrs ago, they were always slightly tinted, and photography lights are bright enough to trigger them to darken, so any professional pictures you might have done will have them looking like sunglasses.


  4. I’d go along with some clip-ons, if you can find them. I agree that the transitions lenses stay tinted when going inside. You’re practically blind until they lighten, but then they never do completely. I myself have a separate pair of prescription sunglasses, but that would probably be too costly for a child.


  5. My oldest (who has strabismus – both eyes) has clip-on sunglasses. We get them for her each time we’ve had to upsize into a different pair of frames. She doesn’t wear them very much, however. I think they were $20.


  6. Wow, doucementgently, that’s great. Did you just order them from your local store? I’d love to have a pair of clip-ons for Zoe, especially now when she’s pretty sensitive to light from her surgery.


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